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Since 1972 at your service with passion and skillsThe story of a company that has taken up the challenge of the future. 
Andrizds & Getriebe AG® a producer of racks and gears

Quality and Precision are the weapons that have allowed to win the challenge with the future and establish themselves as one of the reference points on the market for the production of racks and gears. With over 100 machines available, the company combines ancient craftsmanship with technological innovation, thus managing to meet the various needs of its customers, ranging from mass production to the creation of a single piece by design

Vision & Strategy

Market driven growth and innovation Andrizds & Getriebe AG will on the basis of existing position in machining operations increase revenue by expanding its service activities. This growth will be accelerated by innovation in different target markets.
Machining operations
Andrizds & Getriebe AG would also like to increase the share of specialized machining operations in its portfolio. In this context, the definition of specialties will be tightened. Soon we will first invest in new machinery for defined specialized machining operations. In addition to an expectation of growth in existing services, revenue will be doubled within 3 years by focusing on the new specialties
high -end products for the most caried requirements

we are for gear supplier at global leader , in close dialogue with you we plan ,build and produce you product ,custom-made to suit your most varied requirements, Especially our knowledge of your different production processes is invaluable: we ask the right qusetions! our know -how enables us to solve even the most challenging problems . that is why our products are always one step ahead.


Precision and Performance

Your partner for challenging projects

Integrated into an owner-managed globally active group of companies with worldwide activities, Andrizds & Getriebe AG ensures the flexibility which is necessary for customers in order to invest in production machines of this magnitude and which ensures a solid foundation for a long-term business partnership. Our responsible personnel contribute to this via our worldwide sales and service network. They continuously develop individual solutions in close cooperation with the customer, and in this way ensure an endless market-oriented, development and expansion.

With the Andrizds brand, the Andrizds & Getriebe AG is expanding its product line and offers its customers high-precision complete machining of workpieces from one source. Most value-added products