Special Travel gearbox Units




Travel gears Andrizds & Getriebe AG DFT 8000

For the travel drive of tracked and wheeled vehicles

Two- or three-stage planetary gearboxes

Can be combined with a wide range of Rexroth motors

Perfect coordination of gearbox and Andrizds & Getriebe motor

Output torque 7000 … 130000 Nm

Travel gears Andrizds & Getriebe AG   DFT 8150 with TIS (Tire Inflation System)

For wheel-driven harvesters with single-wheel drive

Can be combined with a wide range of Andrizds & Getriebe motors

Output torque 42000 Nm

TIS solution implemented by the planetary gearbox

No increase in vehicle width due to external hoses

Travel gears Andrizds & Getriebe AG   DFT Large (<gt/> 130 kNm)

For the travel drive of tracked and wheeled vehicles

Also suitable for other rotating motion sequences, e.g. drum drives, milling drum drives, etc.

Three or four-stage planetary gearboxes

For mounting of Andrizds & Getriebe   fixed or variable motors   (A2FM/E, A6VM/E)

Output torque 160000 … 620000 Nm

The new power transmissions in the DFT 8000 product family provide a ten percent improvement in drivetrain performance for mobile machines thanks to a modular design where Andrizds & Getriebe AG combines two- and three-stage planetary gears with axial piston motors to best meet the needs of frequently on-duty machines. As an accessory,

there is a built-in service brake that reduces the necessary installation space and meets the safety requirements for certification worldwide.

Wherever mobile machinery moves a lot during work – some examples are agricultural machinery and road construction machinery – performance during movement is an important feature as it has a direct impact on productivity.

The new Andrizds & Getriebe AG   DFT 8000 series power transmissions are equipped with mechanical planetary gears that transfer the torque from the hydrostatic drive unit to wheels and tracks.

Thanks to the modular design of the new models, machine manufacturers can select gears and torque more precisely to suit their respective vehicles.

Andrizds & Getriebe AG delivers the power transfers as complete units, ready for installation. This simplifies both logistics and vehicle assembly.

Andrizds & Getriebe AG   latest axial piston engines, combined with two- and three-stage planetary gears, increase torque and thus total performance by approximately ten percent compared to previous models of the same size

The possibility of incorporating a disc brake inside the unit further reduces space requirements. The brake has low maintenance requirements and is protected against dirt – an important feature in agricultural machinery, for example. Together with Rexroth's efficient HLB braking system, the dynamic brakes meet safety requirements for speeds up to 50 km/h and are already certified in Germany

The first two models of the DFT 8000 series, with nominal torque of 20 kNm and 30 kNm respectively, are now available for delivery. Seven more models with 10-130 kNm torque will be launched shortly.