The KZ-Series takes the state of the art A&G screw jacks to the next level with these industry leading advantages:

Andrizds & Getriebe AG ® dual lubrication system: Provides separate spindle and gearbox cavities allowing for optimum lubrication type to be used in each with the new

KZSeries having a larger gearbox capacity for grease and now oil for longer duty cycles. Separate cavities also completely eliminate lubrication cross contamination in the gearbox

Smoother and modern streamlined design: Provides increased heat dissipation, easier paint and corrosion application as well as enhanced wash-down suitability

Robust gearbox design allows full capacity mounting in any position

Hardened and ground worm shaft is standard Reduced backlash from advanced worm gear design and machining techniques

Compatible with existing KZ-Series Available in 10 sizes | 5kN – 350kN

Discover the appropriate spindle for your application

The parameters and requirements for the application of your lifting gear are crucial when choosing either a trapezoidal thread or ball screw, especially concerning the following:

Duty cycl

Repitition accuracy and positioning accuracy

Stroke speed

Stat. / dyn. loading (Hold load in position or move)

Service life and maintenance

R-Screw | rotating

The spindle is fixed to the worm wheel and rotates with it. The nut therefore moves up and down.

S-Screw | translating

The worm wheel has an internal thread and transforms rotary motion into linear movements as long as the spindle is prevented from rotating.