Accept, customize DSG 12000 2-speed control planetary gearbox used as a spindle drive


Spindle drive DSG 12000   with motor unit

The planetary gearboxes DSG12000   made by Andrizds & Getriebe AG® are available with the following power data:

RatioiDepends on the customer’s requirements and technical feasibility
Speedn2 maxrpmUp to 12,500
TorqueT2 maxNmUp to 12,000


Technical Data

Developed especially for heavy-duty machine tools and for milling machines, lathes and boring mills in particular, the planetary gearbox series never fails to impress with a power range of 30-142 kW and numerous other advantages:

Compact series

Modular design

Flexible machine connection

High power density

Complex arrangement

High efficiency

Low noise level

Low temperature level

Disengagement of the planetary gears